Casino Barring and Blackjack Card Counter Profile

It is regrettable but true nonetheless: casinos hate smart gamblers and will do everything to stop them. They prefer players who never use their heads. If you let them know you're using even half of your brain, you can be banned for life from these places. This is known as an 86 or casino barring.

A high target of casino barring is the blackjack card counter. Casinos train their staff on how to spot a card counter and to have them leave the area as soon as possible. There have also been many, highly publicized cases of card counters who were caught with the help of private investigators. So yes, casinos do have a good idea of what card counters are like. Over the decades they have formed a blackjack card counter profile. And if you fit into this profile you can be expelled from the casino for good.

If you are a blackjack player, you ought to be aware of the card counter profile and know how to avoid it.

The Blackjack Card Counter Profile

Casino barring is often reserved for professionals who demonstrate these systems of advantage playing:

- A blackjack card counter is typically a white male, casual-looking yet spending money like a high roller.

- A tell-tale sign is "wonging". The player hangs around and does not join a blackjack table until a certain point… when the card count is favorable.

- A blackjack card counter very often buys in with large chips but bets the minimum amount on their first game.

- Card counters are usually VERY quiet. They cannot afford to talk to anyone; they keep count of the cards and keep an eye on the discard tray all the time.

- Because it is vital to keep their mental abilities sharp, a blackjack card counter never drinks alcohol.

- Whereas a stiff hand poses a dilemma for the average player, a card counter is quick to make a decision. (This is because they base their move on the count, not the hand!)

- Sometimes it is to the card counter's benefit to take insurance. This is done when they have wagered high, not when on a small bet.

- A card counter typically begins play with a minimum bet, and repeats the same after a fresh shuffle.

This is a basic card counter profile. When the pit boss notices such a player, they will usually issue a warning to the player first. They may be told to "flat bet" from then on - that is, to use the same bet in every hand - or else be banned from the casino. It is vital for every card counter to disguise his or her actions.