Counting On Card Counting

card counting is perhaps the most infamous and intriguing strategy in the annals of Blackjack. Many a player has sought to learn the secrets of this fascinating tactic in order to obtain for themselves immeasurable odds of winning in the game. But card counting's reputation may have preceded itself, and the secret is no secret at all.

The fact is card counting is simply what it is supposed to be: counting cards. Anyone with the most basic skill at mathematics can easily figure out this most sought-after of blackjack systems. Even simple knowledge of addition and subtraction will suffice. Perhaps the only real skill that one needs to be trained thoroughly in is being able to keep up with the fast pace of the typical blackjack game.

Cards are counted according to their face value. Those that are valued at 7, 8, or 9 are counted as zero, cards with a value falling from 2 to 6 are counted plus one, and the other cards from 10 to the Ace are counted minus one. A high count indicates that the rest of the decks are presently stacked with cards having high face values, thus giving the card counter a considerable edge.

Putting the card counting principle into practice, a player should only make the smallest sized bets allowed for every hand until such time that the count begins to work to their own advantage, plus 5 at the very least. One may opt not to be too adventurous with their bets and decide to wait for the count to reach t least plus 10 before initiating an aggressive round of betting.

One should practice card counting with due caution. While it has never actually been prohibited by law, it is generally considered taboo in practically every casino. Players who are caught counting cards will most certainly be kicked out of the premises, and in extreme cases even be banned for life. If one does choose to make use of card counting, they should at least be mindful enough to throw the casino hounds off their scent. One might lose certain hands deliberately, or they should just take in modest amounts of winnings before calling it a night.

The true technique in card counting is in knowing how to employ it wisely, knowing how not to get caught and knowing when to stop. Otherwise, it is a rather simple blackjack strategy. And it is that simplicity in its application and the simplicity of one's chances of winning with it that keeps casino owners everywhere quaking in their boots.