Rundown of Blackjack Counting Systems

Although there are those who question its efficiency, most casino players still use Blackjack card counting among their strategies. There are actually several different methods in circulation today.

The simplest method that you can utilize is Edward Thorp's Five Count (professor Thorp was the man who invented this technique back in the late 1960s). In this Blackjack card counting system, you just keep abreast of how fives have been dealt and how many remain. Based on Thorp's calculation, the fewer fives remaining, the better it is for the player, and vice ersa.

The Ten Count method is very similar to the Five Count except the player should also keep track of both 5s and 10s. The Hi/Opt I and the Plus/Minus Blackjack card counting systems are more complex, as you need to keep track of more figures but has the advantage of taking fractions into account.

The High Low Point Count

This Blackjack card counting system is one of the most popular owing to its easy application. In a single deck game the low cards 2 to 6) are assigned a value of positive 1, the tens and Aces negative 1 and the others zero. What you do is for every hand dealt you mentally assign a number (plus, negative one or zero). If the count is negative you should wager more conservatively, and if positive, bet bigger.

If you have trouble keeping track, you can just add the figures up every two cards dealt. Some Blackjack players use the chips to help them keep track of the count. If the table is filled with several players, you may want to consider playing in a later position as this gives you the chance to check out the other players' cards.

The amount you bet will depend on the count and how much you have put up. If you wagered $5 and are up +3, then it makes sense to put up $10 because you have the odds in your favor. The higher the positive number, the more chips you should bet.

The easiest way to learn Blackjack card counting is to practice it at home. Just grab a deck and start counting. Don't go into a casino and use this strategy without having a firm grip, as you'll likely get lost. Work on it while you're playing at home with your buddies. When you feel comfortable, take it out for a test drive at your favorite casino.