Things to do Before You Sit at a Blackjack Table

You don't just sit at the first blackjack table you find open in a casino. There's more to the game than just the action you get from each session. Beginners will find it interesting that not all blackjack tables will have the same game rules. Players should know how to pick the right blackjack table.

Let's start with the very first thing that beginners should know in our list of preliminaries, which is to choose the right blackjack table. As stated earlier, there are different blackjack tables exhibiting different rules. You should pay attention to certain details as you approach different tables.

The detail you should never miss is the limit for each blackjack table. Beginners should make it a habit to check out the table minimum and the maximum allowable wagers that can be made. There is no need to ask casino employees to figure out the limits. There will usually be a sign displaying the betting limits for each table. The maximum and the minimum acceptable bets will be clearly displayed.

You will immediately notice that the tables that have low limits tend to be packed with many players. Some casinos even color code these signs to help players, especially beginners, identify the lower limit blackjack tables from the higher limit ones.

Another item in our list of blackjack preliminaries is making sure that the table we're at is for blackjack. Some beginners sometimes mistake baccarat tables for blackjack tables. This is understandable since the table layouts for both games appear quite similar. A blackjack table will definitely say "blackjack" on its layout.

You should also check how many decks are used in a particular table. If a blackjack table uses multiple decks the cards will be dealt from a shoe. Notice if the cars are dealt face up or face down. Usually, you don't touch the cards if they are dealt face up. Other than the number of decks in use, you should also check what rules are in effect at a particular table.

Here are a few blackjack table rules that you should look out for. If ever you find these rules posted then you should just go look for another table to play on. These rules include blackjacks paying you even money, blackjack paying six to five, doubling only on either ten or 11, an eight deck game, and dealers hitting on soft 17. Seeing these rules posted translates to your chances of winning in that particular table being slim.

Beginners should know these preliminary items before sitting at a blackjack table to play. Blackjack tables vary in the number of decks used and table rules that are implemented.